Twitter: To propose, you engage

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Yes, that often!

Calling it a hack isn’t accurate, but to convert followers to clients through Twitter you must engage. Just like content, Twitter users are less forgiving than any other social media user. If you are not engaging with your followers, then they will never check out your profile.

Twitter’s algorithm punishes users posts by not prioritizing posts over others if you are not engaging. As discussed in the Twitter tip number 3, the algorithm is first based on chronological order of a post, but it rewards posts of yours when you engage with your audience.

At a minimum, show up as often as you post. If you can swing it, Twitter wants you to show up 10 times per day. Even if you only show up for a couple of minutes, they want you to show up and engage.

Try to make it a habit

Because of the nature of Twitter posts, it is easy to engage with 10-15 followers each time you hop on the app. Try to find ways to incorporate Twitter in your every day life and create the habit. I am normally not one to encourage habit forming on social media, but keeping it quick and integrated in your normal daily activities helps on not to feel overwhelmed.

Share the love

Try your best to when engaging to retweet and not just like posts. Retweet counts as posts on Twitter as part of your algorithm, so no harm there. Also, your follower’s loyalty increases when you are sharing their content. It is basically like an internet high five.

Time to be a little narcisistic

Normally, we don’t say to talk too much on social media about yourself. Typically the rule is to only talk about yourself once every 8-10 posts, but this is where you get to break the rule. When you are commenting on your follower’s tweets, talk about how the post relates to you. Don’t sell in the comments, but talk be a little narcissistic.

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