280 limit can be daunting

Value added content is the number one goal for all social media platforms, but with Twitter it’s the only way to attract those retweets. But how are we supposed to do this with only 280 characters?

Most of us are taught in grammar school that for a good narrative we need an introduction, body, and conclusion. With Twitter, however, it is time to throw out the rule book. This is one reason I have mentioned before that Twitter is the most challenging of social media platforms.

From a copywriter’s perspective, my recommendation is to pretend that with every tweet, you are already in the middle of a conversation. Pretend your follower asked you a question and you are there to answer in a quick text.

Get straight to the point and leave the extra characters for your creative hashtags.

Questions are a great way to add value

Besides creating value added content, we must keep the conversation going in your feed. The best way to do this is ask your audience questions. You want followers to not only retweet and like your creative content, but you want them engaging in the comments.

The more followers engage, the more the Twitter algorithm likes your future posts. Also, more engagement drives even more engagement. People are more likely to stop and read a tweet if it has comments already posted.

3 value added magic ingredients

So you have value added content and ask a question, but what is the magic formula. This is easier than you think and shows up everywhere you look.

  1. Hook
  2. CTA
  3. Hashtags

You will notice this differs from Instagram in Facebook. On those platforms you had a hook, story, and then a call to action. With Twitter you don’t have the space for the story, so the hook and CTA must do this for you.

What is the best media

You name it and it is value added. If you find media that attracts your ideal client, then get it in your feed. Whether it is a funny meme, video, or link to an entertaining blog post, if it is attractive to your ideal client, get it up there.

The most important part of media is to include as much as you can and make sure you are using all parts mentioned above.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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