How many times per day???

Your Twitter users are more finicky than any other social media platform so they need you to show up. But how many times per day?

Twitter is a platform that people live on for very short periods at a time, but they visit Twitter over and over again throughout the day. Your audience is looking for quick bites to entertain them on a short notice.

Algorithm experts recommend showing up with a new twitter post a minimum of 2 times per day. If you are determined to make Twitter your place to be, then they recommend for you to show up 10 times per day.

Batching is OK

Who has enough time to show up 10 times per day? I know I certainly don’t. Well, once again, this is where batching comes in handy. Being that Twitter limits your characters, take a Facebook or Instagram post you have in the queue or already published and break it up over several posts.

One Instagram post can easily turn into several tweets. Find a third party application that you will use for another social media platform and use content more than once. Batch schedule and now you are showing up several times per day!

Lastly, unlike Instagram, you are not punished for using the same hashtags over and over again. I do recommend that you mix it up from time to time, but take the hashtag pressure off and use your favorite 4-5 each time.

Timing matters

This is where your biggest challenge comes in to play. In the next section I will discuss quickly the Twitter algorithm, but timing when your post goes out and when your ideal client is online is crucial.

If the average user jumps on and off the platform like a hot potato, then you need to make sure your posts are showing up when they are on. If your posts aren’t timed right, your audience won’t think you show up daily. So all that work is for nothing.

Algorithms, Algorithms, Algorithms

The number one thing that Twitter takes into consideration in their algorithm is time of post. Twitter wants the most up to date posts showing up on a user’s feed first. There is a filter option for the user to change this, but by Twitter’s own research, not many choose to utilize this feature.

This reiterates my above point. Knowing when your audience is online will help you show up on their feed more than any other posts.

Twitter also wants your followers to see your posts before posts of people they do not follow. It is important you are engaging with your followers to make sure they continue to follow you.

What is your theme?

Lastly, your posts should have a theme. Are you funny or insightful? Does your ideal client only want posts about sports? Will you offend your followers when you sho up with alcohol posts?

I recommend when you go to your third party application to batch schedule your posts that each week you find a centralized theme that your ideal client will enjoy seeing.

If they catch this theme halfway through the week, it is likely they will visit your profile to see what else you have to say about this subject.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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