More important here than anywhere

We have discussed the ideal client on every social media platform, but on Twitter, understanding your ideal client is more important than ever. Twitter users behave differently because that is the way the app was designed.

Twitter was designed to be an online form of SMS texting, with the twist that you are texting with the whole world. This concept is the whole reason they limit the amount of characters in each tweet.

This is why understanding your ideal client is so vital on this platform. Your number of words is drastically reduced on twitter so you must be precise in your communication.

But fear not, Twitter has some extra features that allow you to understand exactly why your ideal client is on their platform. Step one for twitter is to understand your ideal client and then find them. After you find them, go ahead and start following their account.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter does not punish you for following too many accounts in their algorithms.

So follow away.

Stalking, but in a good way

Once you find your dream client, start stalking their profiles. Not trying to be creepy about it, but calling it like it is.

In each profile section of twitter, there are four views that the public has access to; Tweets, Tweets & Replies, Media, and Likes. For your dream client research, you will want to look at Tweets & Replies and Likes.

Tweets & Replies

In this section, you are able to see all the account’s tweets and any reply they have made to tweets. This is a great place to get warm with who your ideal client is. I recommend not going too far back in time as that’s a rabbit trail hard to come out of.


This section is where you find the gold! Pay close attention to what kink of tweets they commonly like. Make a note of any accounts that show up frequently and especially pay attention to any common hashtags or general topics.

Use this information when creating your own tweets. When working on your own hashtag list, remember that these will be your go-to hashtags if you have space constraints on your post.

Follow who they follow

Now it is time to start building your own following. Like I mentioned before, you are not punished by Twitter by following too many accounts. That being said, many people will give you a follow back just by following them.

First of all, follow your ideal client, but take it one step further and follow the people they follow. Be careful to note that those your ideal client follows are not your ideal client, but they will give you ideas on future posts that your ideal client engages with.

Later we will talk about how Twitter algorithms work, but the more you and your ideal client have in common, the more likely that Twitter will prioritize your content over others.

What to re-tweet

This is where the following those of your ideal client come in handy. If you are following their following, then you can re-tweet posts that you know they will like. The best part is twitter basically gives your credit for that post.

Your followers see that you reposted something they either have already seen and like, or you are doing them a favor and bumping posts they enjoy up on their feed.

It is important not to have a scarcity mindset when it comes to Twitter. Do not be afraid to re-tweet posts by your competition because your ideal client will love you for it.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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