Time to Brand

If you have made Twitter your last stop on the Social Media setup for the Digital Marketing arena, fear not you can re-purpose all your work.

When setting up your profile page, pay close attention to your banner photo. This photo is similar to a Facebook banner photo in that users of the platform only see the picture when they go to your bio.

Many companies will use this photo as an opportunity to place a call to action or overlay their contact information. My personal advice is to allow other parts of this application to act fast your call to action and use this photo as a branding opportunity.

Whatever photo you choose, make sure it speaks to your ideal client and is the same banner photo you use for your Facebook banner page. Branding like this ensures your ideal client can relate the two companies with a single glance.

What’s in a name?

When setting up your account, you have the opportunity to have two different names that your followers will remember.

The first name is your main business name that will come first in your tweets. Most companies opt to use their business name. This will work for most companies, but make sure your name is less than 50 characters and will work with your handle. I will explain that in the next section.

Just like your banner, the name you choose will become a part of your brand and must speak to your ideal client. If you have a complicated name that will just tongue tie your followers, I recommend coming up with something that flows better.

Time to get creative

This is the most fun part about getting your twitter account setup. In this section, you will set up your twitter handle; your @ name.

There are two key factors when setting up your @ name. First, every tweet you send out will have your main name and your user name before your tweet. For example, our company uses: CCSEmpowerment @ProbsNoMore.

Our company’s name is Client Centered Solutions and Empowerment, but this is quite the mouthful. To solve that we reduced to CCSEmpowerment for a better read, and our website is ccsempowerment.com. Also, we want to brand that when a client finds us, they will no longer have any problems.

Now, every time we tweet, our followers see our business name and our solutions.

Keyword City

We talked about this in detail on the last post on Pinterest, so please check out that post to see how to find your keywords. With twitter, you will want those 100 keywords to figure out how to write your bio.

Unlike Facebook, but similar to Instagram, your bio is limited in Twitter. No real surprise here, but you bio is limited to 160 characters. We were able to take our Instagram bio and with a tweet or two use it for your Twitter bio. This helps establishing a consistent brand.

This is where I also recommend you place your business’ call to action to direct followers to your website. Again, this is challenging as you only have 160 characters, so don’t be afraid to consult a talented copywriter.

Where is your website?

Last tip for the day. If you already followed the directions in the last Pinterest post then you are ahead of the game. I won’t rehash the points I made there except one.

You can be crazy creative on Twitter and entertain thousands of followers, but if you don’t have a good landing page, then all that work is for nothing. Twitter was designed to entertain and drive followers to your profile. If you have a great website listed in your profile then conversion city is right around the bend.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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