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Start with an example

Pinterest allows the most levity with your posting than any other platform, so to start, you want to find examples of successful boards. One of the most successful users of the platform is Melyssa Griffin.

Profiles like hers are popular because she has found a theme and stuck to it. One tip she offers is that you will not match her success overnight. Something to remember about all social media platforms is that you must be in it for the long game, and not short term success. Remember you are catering to your audience for long term and loyal clients.

Who is your audience

I know, this is the 24th social media blog and I have mentioned it more than once, but I must say it again. You must take into consideration your dream client. As I mentioned in the first Pinterest post, users of this platform typically utilize Pinterest as a search engine. Posting for your ideal client will drive users to your boards who have never heard of you.

To get started on discovering your ideal client, answer the following questions about your dream client.

Age range: 


Marital Status: 

Children (quantity and ages): 

Pets (quantity and species/breeds):

Current housing situation: 

Favorite TV Shows (genres are ok, but specifics are better):

Favorite Movies (genres are ok, but specifics are better): 

Where do they shop for groceries: 

Where do they buy clothing: 

Do they shop online or brick and mortar: 

Do they look for bargains or pay full price:

What is their faith, if any: 

How many close friends do they have: 

Do they read, if so what do they read: 

What kind of vice do they enjoy: 

Are there any “must haves” in their life: 

Do they vacation in style or budget:

If someone cuts them off in traffic, what do they do: 

What Charity do they give to: 

What interests do they have that they don’t pursue: 

List 5 items on their bucket list: 

What hobbies do they have: 

How much time a week do they dedicate to those hobbies:

Don’t get too crazy

I don’t know about you, but every time I go to create something in Canva, I go crazy with the fonts and colors. More is better, right?

Absolutely not. Just like Instagram, the aesthetics of your board matters to attract and keep your dream client. The experts recommend you start with 2 main colors and 2 main fonts that you will use forever. As a small business owner, we need to eliminate costs as much as possible, so don’t spend a bunch of money on a fancy designer application.

Canva is a great platform that will allow you to save templates that you can refer to with each post. Save these templates and use them over an over again.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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