What does your ideal client want?

Free content is the solution to the daunting question of what to post on social media. Pinterest is no exception to that conundrum, but it is actually an easier platform to accomplish this.

Before I get into the details, let’s circle back to your dream client. Your ideal client comes to Pinterest to get free content on things they are interested in or conducting research on. Most users of Pinterest do not go to this platform to be entertained.

It is crucial when you are deciding what to post on Pinterest that you keep in mind what your ideal client would want to see. Even if you are a high tech company, it doesn’t mean that all of your posts should be about your industry.

Does this sound familiar?

We have said it over and over again in about every post we have made about social media and that is that consistency matters. If your dream client begins to depend on your for free content or research on a particular topic, then they will be severely disappointed when you don’t show up.

Also, the Pinterest algorithm favors boards that post daily. This is the one platform that I would suggest not showing up unless you are ready to show up consistently.

Pinterest likes batching

After you create a schedule for posting free content, find an application that allows you to schedule your posts. Be very careful what platform you choose to schedule posts on Pinterest. Of all the social media platforms, Pinterest it the pickiest with who they allow to auto-post to their application.

Later, Buffer, Tailwind, and Planoly are currently third-party applications that have agreements with Pinterest. Using these applications will also help you show up consistently without the daily stress of posting content.

20/80 rule, no not Pareto

Pinterest has stated that they don’t want people only posting original content, but they want users to help out other people who post on Pinterest. Their 20/80 rule is their way of rewarding engagement on their platform.

The 20/80 rule states that when you look at your boards that 80% of the pins are free content that you have created yourself, and 20% are pins that you re-pinned from another Pinterest user.

Don’t throw it away, use it again

Another major way that Pinterest stands out from other social media platforms is that they encourage you to recycle posts. When you are engaging on their platform, feel free to promote your own content.

Find a post every day that has slowly made its way to the bottom of your board and re-pin it back to the top. This tells Pinterest that your post is not out dated and is still relevant to your ideal client. Free content doesn’t have to age.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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