Right behind Instagram, Pinterest is the second fastest growing social media platform in the world. Almost 10 years old, Pinterest boasted reaching the 300 million user mark and rapidly growing at almost 130,000 new users per day.

The common misconception about Pinterest is that it is for artists and chef’s, however this platform can generate more leads to your business than any other platform out there.

Pinterest obviously wants users to spend time on their medium, but they state that their number one goal is to send users to your own website. Today we will discuss the infrastructure you must have in place when getting started on Pinterest. Later posts we will discuss the actual platform itself.

Lead Magnets

As I stated earlier, Pinterest’s number one goal is to drive users to your website. That means you need to have a website to use Pinterest to its fullest potential. But what kind of website do you really need?

As the digital market grows, there are a vast array of what types of websites you can purchase. Hiring a developer can range anywhere between $500 and $5,000.

Take a breath. I am not suggesting you go out and hire a developer for $5K and wait 6 weeks to get your final product. However, you absolutely must have a site. I highly recommend you find a developer that can churn out a 1-3 page website quickly with high quality SEO.

We will discuss SEO at the end of this post.

You will want a website that gives something away for free. Also, one that allows you to later contact with that potential client. These sites are often referred to as lead magnet or sales funnel sites.

Email Capturing and Follow Up

Now we get to the true purpose of your website. In the past sales people would always carry business cards with them to hand out to potential clients. They would hope these potential clients contact them down the road.

It was considered gold if you were able to get the potential client’s contact information. This put the power in the hands of the salesperson. There are even laws that limit how and when a sales person can contact a potential client after getting their information. Those laws still exist today and I highly recommend doing some research or some light reading.

Once your dream client has landed on your page, it is imperative you have two systems setup to make your Pinterest work worth it.

First, you need to give a way something for free that you can deliver at little to no cost. Find something you are an expert at. Write, or hire a copywriter, a 1,000 to 1,500 word paper on that subject. Give it a great title and turn it into a pdf.

Bam! Free content.

Second, you need a system that will auto distribute your free gift. CCSE uses MailChimp for our distribution. When a potential client enters their email address to get your free gift, the system will respond and send them the pdf. Now have their contact information for follow up.

I could spend another 5,000 words on why and how to perform follow up, but that post is for another day.

Keywords Research

Lastly, you will want to take some time and find out your keywords. This list of keywords is vital for many reasons in the future, but for now let’s talk for SEO on your website.

When your developer or copywriter is creating content for your site, they will want to use your list of keywords to drive Google and other search engines to your site.

So the big question is, “How do I get my list?”

First, you must determine who your ideal or dream client is and get inside of their head. A keyword relates directly to a search term that your ideal client will put into search engines to find you. Knowing how they use search engines and the vocabulary they commonly use is vital.

Second, go sign up for a Google Ads account. To get an account and access to many of their tools is absolutely free. I do not recommend you purchasing a Google ad at this phase in your company. Also, if that is a path you want to go down. I highly recommend hiring an expert. Google has thousands of tricks to the trade that will consume much of your time and energy.

In your free Google Ads account, they have a tool called Keyword Planner. This tool gives you insight into Google’s analytics and will give you a great amount of information to help you find out how people are looking for you.

Take the top 100 keywords, eliminating irrelevant keywords to your business, and use these as your keywords on your new site. Keep this list in an easy place to find, because you will use them often.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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