I’m sure you’ve seen the image.

It is the early morning hours and the last train to leave the subway has departed. 
To us the image is black and white, but the scene was in full color at the time.
The cars are crowded with business men in suits and ties patiently waiting to arrive at the destination. 
There were no cell phones, no tablets, and no digital entertainment of any kind to keep their attention. Instead, all they have is conversation with one another.
You would think that before all the technology was available at the palm of our hand people were forced to talk on their morning commute. However, the scene depicted in the photo I am speaking of displays quite a different story.
These men on their morning commute decided to find a different type of distraction, the newspaper.
Okay, I know what you are thinking, “what does this have to do with navigating digital media?”
Bare with me for a minute.
The point I am making is that we as a species have the desire to seek information and we will often choose the path of least resistance.
Before the smart phones in our hands linking us to the story of the day or the next social media disaster, we sought other forms of information or traditional marketing; television, newspaper, and radio to name a few.
So what does that have to do with us today?
Today, we have been blessed with phenomenal technological advancements like search engines, social network sites, and a mass array of mobile marketing options that have greatly improved our customer experience. 
As an entrepreneur or a small business owner, this transition into the digital marketing age is one of the most important factors we must keep in mind when building our brand. 
The latest statistics show that over 90% of people will Google a business before stepping foot in the establishment. That doesn’t even begin to touch the plethora of activities our clients engage with after their experience. Ever here of a small company called Yelp?
Here is a fun little experiment for us to do together.
Go ahead and open another tab in your browser in go to www.similarweb.com
Next, in the search bar type amazon.com and run the analysis.
There is a ton of fun information here, but I want you to pay close attention to the “Traffic Sources” section.
As you will see over 50% of their traffic comes from direct traffic. What this means is that over half of their visitors in the past 6 months go to their site by typing www.amazon.com in their browser.
Now look closer.
Almost 30% of their visitors were directed from a search sites like GoogleYahoo, or Bing!
Why does this matter?
Let’s do another experiment and open your favorite search site and type one of the services your business offers.
Are you first on the list? Top 10? Top 100?
If you fall on the first page, you have a good chance that you are reaching a new client, but if not, it is possible the perfect relationship you could have with them can’t even begin because they don’t know you exist.
Let’s take that one step further, find your business in that list and read what it says about you.
Accurate? I hope so.
Okay, take a breath. Not all hope is lost.
Let’s travel back in time a bit to the time of our photo. What do you think it took to get an ad in one of the major newspapers or make sure your ad targeted the right audience and accurately portrayed your brand?
There is a multi-billion dollar industry still thriving just to solve this problem.
Now let’s fast forward back to reality.
The power is now in your hands. Developing a digital marketing plan and dictating your customer journey has never been more in your control.
Today we have the ability through the vast digital channels to reach the right audience at the right time to fill their every need.
Whether you choose to demonstrate your products and services through email marketing, online marketing, or through a social media marketer, the fact remains that this is where your audience lives and breathes every second of their life.
There is no better time than now to sit down and create a content marketing strategy. This might sound overwhelming at first, but remember, you are someone’s client too. The way you communicate and consume goods is similar to your potential customers.
The most important factor when beginning your plan is to do your research. Read case studies, look online at your competitions digital marketing activities and don’t be afraid to reach a multitude of marketing channels.
Remember that passion that fuels your business?
Tap into that passion and take the time to perform your research well. We all know then next time your phone dings it might lead to a purchase, why not be the person notifying everyone else’s phone.

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