Value added

You have your profile on point and know your dream client to a down to what kind of pet they own, not it’s time to start posting! You may have heard that LinkedIn is unique to other platforms, so what do you post?

We talked about this in the last twitter tip, but you will want to make sure you add value to every post. LinkedIn subscribers do not typically scroll mindlessly like on Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn users typically go to the platform for information or connections.

If you continuously add value to your followers experience they will keep coming back. Contrary, if you simply post mindless content, they will quickly unfollow your feed.

How smart are you?

I am just teasing a little in the subhead, but as an entrepreneur, you have a unique perspective on life. Your experience in your business is a story that needs to be shared with the world. If you’re not a copywriter, then hire one. Most copywriters charge less than $100 per post and have skills in the keyword world. If you can write and want to improve your skills, I recommend the Filthy Rich Writer and her academy.

But if you are good to go then why not share it with the world. Start a blog where you are posting at least once a week and share the link to LinkedIn. I spoke about this more in a Pinterest post, but having a blog attached to your website is gold in the SEO world.

Maybe it’s who you know

So what if you don’t have time to work on a blog and your budget is a little tight to hire a copywriter? This is a LinkedIn hack that not only will help your posts, but increase your connections. Go into your LinkedIn profile and search for posts that your ideal client would likely read.

Also, try to find a post from someone not in your network and share it to your feed. No, it is not original content, but it is good content. This is also a great way to show up daily without spending time crafting your own content.

One caution about sharing other’s content is that this cannot be your sole source of posting. Your followers are smart enough to recognize this behavior and will simply follow the accounts you share over yours.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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