We have all heard the saying, “It’s who you know.” Building your network is a key component on promoting your business on LinkedIn. Luckily, they offer many different ways to do this.

Groups in your network

In the last LinkedIn blog post, we talked about making genuine connections on this social media platform. The next phase on growing your network organically is through LinkedIn Groups.

If you are familiar with Facebook, you know that sometimes Facebook groups can have a bad name. You get added to a group and now your notifications are blown up by things you don’t really care to see.

That is the beauty of LinkedIn. The groups in LinkedIn are more focus oriented and quite frankly, more strict. You chose your groups and you are not notified every single time someone makes a post or comment. Your involvement in this part of your network is voluntary.

Joining groups not only increases your likelihood of being found on LinkedIn, but also dictates your LinkedIn feed. Once again, think of your ideal client when joining groups. Being in these groups will help you understand and connect better to your ideal client.

One last note on groups. Don’t be that guy who walks into a group fresh off the street and blasts everyone with posts about your business. Treat the group like a cocktail party you want to be at. Read posts and engage organically with the people in that group.


Another way to organically grow your network on LinkedIn is through endorsements. If you have been on the platform for a bit of time, you may have received a request from a fellow networker looking for an endorsement.

Don’t take these requests, or the requests you send out lightly. If your friend sends you and endorsement for something you know they have no skill in, then don’t endorse them. A good rule to keep in mind is if you were then held responsible for that person’s skill after an endorsement, would you endorse them.

Keeping a standard when endorsing will keep your reputation high. The opposite is also true. Don’t seek endorsements from people that have no idea whether or not you have a particular skill. That endorsement will not hold much weight in the LinkedIn community.

An endorsement is basically like and old-school reference. Keep in mind that people can contact those that have endorsed you. Make sure you thank anyone who has given you an endorsement and if available, prove it to them.

Groups and endorsements are two great ways to tighten your social media presence on LinkedIn and increase your network exponentially. Use them intentionally, but carefully.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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