What is so special about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is said to be the most powerful business social media tool out there and it comes down to connections. Imagine living in a world at the cusp of change in marketing. When I say change, I don’t mean a change like the movement from newspaper to radio marketing, but more along the lines of mass production of flying cars.

Think about that for a second. If all of a sudden, car manufacturers stopped making vehicles that drove on the road and instead flew through the air, how dramatic would our travel industry change?

Would we take flights anymore? Instead of packing the family up for a road trip just a few hours away would our destinations become more exotic? What about laws? What laws will be created in order to manage this new mode of transportation.

This transition is exactly what we are experiencing today, but in the marketing space. In the past, salesmen and women would make most of their connections off of cold calls or social gatherings. Advertisements were broad based and did everything they could to hit as big of a market as they could.

Fast forward to today, and the power of the digital market has turned the old style of salesmanship on its head.

Sort of.

What connections are watching you?

While the market is changing dramatically with applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube, the old style of marketing has not completely disappeared. We still need the basics of connections. With the multiple generations that are affected by the digital age, we have groups of people who behave in dramatically different ways.

This is the reason we preach in our webinars and blogs to pay close attention to your ideal client. Where do they hang out, what platform do they prefer, and how much of a connection do they need to buy from your company.

LinkedIn has mastered the space of transition in the market. It combines the old-school connection technique with the flair of marketing your business to targeted audiences. Just like in the days of business networking gathering and sales conferences, to be successful with LinkedIn, you must know how to connect with your dream client.

In other platforms we have stressed to know your ideal client so you post material that they enjoy seeing. With LinkedIn, it is more about building a trusting connections to your potential customer.

The first step to finding connections on LinkedIn is to know who is watching you. When a user logs into LinkedIn, to the left of their page are two sub-headlines that read, “Who viewed your profile,” and “Views of your post.” Next to each is a number with a click-able link.

When you click the numbers, you go to a page that shows you the people who have viewed your profile or posts. This information is the most valuable information you can get on LinkedIn. Companies in the past would pay thousands of dollars to find out who has viewed their ads.

Do your homework

Now it is time to get to the real work. After you have seen who has viewed your profile or post, go and do your homework. Start by going to each viewer’s profile and get to know them.

First and foremost, become one of their followers. Then, start to engage. I know that may sound a little scary, but remember, they sought you out, not the other way around. That simply means that there was something about you that interested them. Find out what that was.

One major difference to point out about LinkedIn versus any of the other social platforms is that LinkedIn is known for being professional. Any user on this site expects that behavior from other users. Keep the tone professional and the language courteous. If you ever want to say something but think it might offend a follower, then don’t.

Bottom line, remember that even though you are working in a digital space, the fingers behind the keyboard are human and we all must treat them as such. Especially if you want them to become a client.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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