Often referred to as an amped up resume online, LinkedIn is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized social media platform. Digital marketing doesn’t stop with Facebook and Instagram and with this tool you can promote your business better than any other medium.

Pictures Matter

To properly use LinkedIn for your company’s advantage, you must first have a profile that is on point. First, decide what profile picture you want to use to brand your company. Most will lean towards using their company logo as their picture, but this is a huge mistake.

One of the key elements to growing your business is making connections on LinkedIn, we discuss this in a later post, and nobody wants to make a connection with a logo. When choosing your profile picture, remember these key elements.

  • Do not use the default blank image Linked in provides.
  • Use a photo of either yourself or the person who will most represent your company.
  • Do NOT take a selfie for your photo. LinkedIn is geared towards professionals, so work hard at having a professional photo.
  • Hire a photographer or a friend with photo taking skills to help you out.

Keywords, Keywords Everywhere

The next area you want to focus on when setting up LinkedIn is your headline. Remember that ideal client we talk about all the time? Well you will want to keep them in mind when writing your headline.

On LinkedIn, you headline serves two basic purposes. First, your headline is to give your potential connection a quick idea of who you are before checking out your entire profile. Think of it as your highway billboard for new connections.

Secondly, your headline will impact your search engine optimization, SEO. SEO is how search engines find you on LinkedIn and how LinkedIn’s search feature finds you when your connections are searching. Keywords are vitally important when writing your headline.

Since the balance of writing your headline both towards your ideal client and including your most searchable keywords can be quite challenging, many companies will opt in to hiring a copywriter.

Personalize Everything

Your last option to personalize your LinkedIn profile that can make you stand out is your LinkedIn URL. If you don’t know, all social media pages and profiles have their own unique url. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to customize your url to attract connections.

The default URL LinkedIn uses contains a bunch of numbers and random letters, so connections can’t simply type your name in the search bar and find you. This is also an opportunity to create a hook to attract new connections to your profile.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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