Clarity in photos

The creators of Instagram had a specific medium in mind when they invented the platform: the photo. Instagram’s purpose started with the intent to give photographers an instant platform to share their art. The name of the platform itself is a play on the two words instant and photo.

That being said, your image matters more than anything on your post. We addressed the copy subject in tip number 4, however, your image is the first thing that catches your potential followers eye. I want to be clear on why I say it is the most important part of your post.

The reason your picture, gif, or short video matters so much is that if you have a bad image, your copy won’t be read and your hashtags are worthless. The number one rule to your photo is clarity. A grainy photo will quickly be ignored.

Don’t sell through a photo

Facebook specifically punishes a post if more than 75% of the image is text. Instagram doesn’t have the same strict rules, because their audience does the work for them. Text in an image is fine, if used with tact and specifically does not attempt to sell something. I recommend only using text in an image when trying to inspire or encourage your audience.

Again, we mentioned it in the copy section, but treat your posts like showing up for a cocktail party. Your photo is your attire. You want your audience or dream client asking about the origin of your posts. I recently had a follower compliment me on the photos on my grid. I am no photographer, but I am careful to post quality pictures.

Dream a dream of your ideal client

I bet you thought I would get through the last Instagram tip without harping on your dream client. Sorry, one more time. Remember that your grid is about attracting new dream clients. Understanding what your dream client is liking and commenting on in the Instagram world can boost your posts in the right direction.

Your overall aesthetics of your grid matter. If you post quality photos with a consistent color and theme that your dream client wants to see, you will get an instant follower. Do your research on your ideal client to such a degree that you know their favorite colors and post away!

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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