What is the purpose of hashtags and Geotags?

You may or may not know, but there are several ways to be discovered on Instagram, and hashtags is your number one tool.

When an Instagram user wants to find new content on Instagram, the most typical action is to go into the search feature. Instagram then shows four categories for them to chose from.

Top: This category is a mix of the next three, but is ranked by Instagram based on the user’s behavior on the platform.

Accounts: This section is specifically for users to find accounts that the username relates to the search term. For example if you typed CCSE you will find our account.

Tags: This is where Instagram shows hashtags and ranks them based on match to the search term and number of posts.

Places: Lastly, Instagram shows places closely related to your hashtag based on how many times the place has a geotag post associated with it. They do not display the counts on this search feature.

Of these three options, users can follow hashtags that will then show up in their feed every day. Even though users are not able to follow geotags, they become incredibly important in the Instagram algorithm.

Use what they give you

As Instagram grows in popularity, so does its usability. Users frequently use their app as a search engine. The other day we were looking for a good keto recipe and we went into Instagram and typed #ketorecipes. Not only did we find. solution for dinner, but found recipes for the next week.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags to be used in each post. This number has grown as Instagram developers have learned how to increase user engagement through these hashtags. Make sure you use all 30 with each post.

One note of caution, Instagram will restrict the visibility of your posts if you use the exact same hashtags with every post. Our recommendation is that you use 20 standard hashtags that you will use with every post and then mix it up with 10 that describe your post or graphic.

If you are really looking to break through on Instagram, we will discuss this in detail in the Instagram Tip 5, but have 1/3 of your hashtags local hashtags, 1/3 of your hashtags about the post, and 1/3 of your hashtags specific to your category.

Don’t forget, most people don’t read hashtags on Instagram anymore. They are primarily used as search terms. Instagram does not reward or punish the placement of these tags either. Whether it is in your first comment or part of the post, keep your follower in mind.

Geotags and how to use them

I have said it before, but Instagram’s number one priority is to ensure their users have a positive experience. That being said, if a user goes into Instagram to find a local restaurant, Instagram will not show destinations thousands of miles away.

Instagram uses their location to determine what to show them, much like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is imperative to make sure you are using geotags in your posts.

If your business is not a brick and mortar business or you provide services to multiple locations, make sure you mix it up. You can only use one geotag per post, so be strategic. If you offer services all over the nation, just start going through the list of major cities.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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