Engagement is key

No amount of words I can put in this blog can convince you how important engagement is for Instagram. And let’s be honest, engagement can be the most entertaining part of Instagram.

First, let’s discuss Instagram’s stated desire. Like most Social media platforms, Instagram wants you on their platform engaging with other users. The longer you spend on IG, the more they can sell ad space for. Paint it however you want, but it really comes down to profit.

So what does this mean for you?

This means Instagram promotes positive engagement on their platform by rewarding users. One example is that they are removing the visibility of likes on a post. The poster can still see how many likes a post gets, but the engager cannot. This is in an attempt to have the user like what they truly like and not be influenced by others.

Then, Instagram can show you what you truly like and therefore keeping you on their platform. Ingenious right? Keep the user happy and they keep coming back. Sounds a little more like common sense to me.

To put it simply, when you are on the Instagram app, treat other users and your followers as human beings and engage with them.

Proper way create

Believe it or not, there is a bad way to engage. I am not talking about the obvious rude comments or cyberbullying, but I am talking social media etiquette.

Think of engagement like a cocktail party or even a networking event. There are basically two types of people at these parties. The first kind are the ones you avoid like the plague.

These networkers are people that immediately start talking to you about their business and try to sell you. Then, there are those that know how to work a room and your impression of them is one that you enjoy and would be willing to hang out with again.

That is the gold right there. No matter the social media platform, the goal is to have the person you engage with want to engage more with you. I know this is hard to swallow, but your immediate goal is not to sell them products or services.

I have heard it in every training that revolves around networking and in today’s digital age it is getting more and more relevant. People don’t buy from companies, they buy from people. If you are likable and don’t push your business, your followers will buy from you when they are ready.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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