The tips for today are not all that shocking, but branding continuity is more important than you might think.


When we addressed the setup of your social media profiles, we pointed out that you do not want to use a logo as a profile photo. But we should treat our profile photos like a logo.

Confused yet?

What I mean is that when we are choosing pictures to use as our profile picture, banner, website or any other platform, we must make sure we are using the same photo. This is the number one key in branding.

Let’s say for example you have a client that has followed you on Facebook for some time now and they are looking to purchase a product or service you offer. Before they make that buy, they decide to go to Yelp to check out a review or two.

However, when they go to yelp there are several business with the same name or a similar name to your company. By the way, as creative as your business name may be, there are other great minds out there too. How will your potential client know that they are reading the reviews of your business.

I know that we all hope our ideal client will be able to discern the difference, but we must remove that hope and turn it into a guarantee.

This is where your pictures come into play. If you use the same photo for your profile and some of the same photos you have posted on your Facebook page to your Yelp page, then there will be no doubt that your dream client found you. Your branding saved your client time and frustration on this platform.

Color Schemes

Select a color scheme and stick with it. This will aide in the problem we mentioned above, but more importantly, it creates an emotional reaction from you followers.

If your company sales homemade crochet hats, then you don’t want to chose dark colors that depress your audience. You want to choose warm colors that resemble how your product makes them feel.

Similarly, if you are a high-tech software security company, maybe you don’t want to use pinks or bright blues. Stick to solid colors that encourage a sense of security.

Also, just like your profile photo, it is absolutely necessary that your color scheme, and font scheme, are universal across all your platforms for proper branding.

Handles and branding

Every single digital platform out there allows you to create a handle for your users to find your business. While some allow more creativity than others, do everything you can to make them match.

Facebook is the most challenging platform to change your handle, but fear not. If you have already changed your handle too many times, then email Facebook with the requested change and they will most likely approve the handle change.

Your client relies heavily on your handle name on one platform to find you on another platform, so keep it consistent.

Thank you for reading today. For more information on social media posting or digital marketing in general, check out our blogpage and feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

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